Bureau of Automotive Repair Citations: A Round Up

As a law firm active in Bureau of Automotive Repair defense cases, we get a lot of inquiries from Station Owners who have received a so-called citation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Now, if you have received one of these, you best action is to reach out for a consultation – as every situation is different and unique, and we can go over your options with you.

Bureau of Automotive Repair CitationsThat said, here is a round up of our own blog posts on the topic –

To read something official, albeit out-of-date, check out ‘AB 2289 Enforcement – Citations and Penalities‘ (PDF format).  Of interest might be ‘ten factors of aggravation and mitigation in this PDF, which are:

  1. The nature, gravity, severity and seriousness of the violation.
  2. The persistence of the violation.
  3. The good faith or willfulness of the violator.
  4. The history of previous violations by that violator, including the commission of numerous and repeated violations.
  5. The failure to perform work for which money was received.
  6. The making of any false or misleading statement in order to induce a person to authorize repair work or pay money.
  7. The failure to make restitution to consumers affected by the violation.
  8. The extent to which the violator has mitigated or attempted to mitigate any damage or injury caused by the violation.
  9. The degree of incompentence or negligence in the performance of duties and reponsibilities
  10. The purposes and goals of this chpater and other matters as may be appropriate.

Not all of this relates to SMOG check violations and/or STAR program requirements, but it gives you a sense of the “mindset” of the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Again, if you have received a citation, your best course of action is to reach out to an attorney that specializes in defense against the Bureau of Automotive Repair.


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