Bureau of Automotive Repair: Resources for Station Owners & Technicians

We spend a fair amount of time on our blog, criticizing and complaining about California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair. Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation by the NumbersThat’s understandable, because as attorneys who represent technicians and station owners who are “in trouble” in some way, shape or fashion with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we aren’t exactly seeing everyone on their best days. But the great thing about an American democracy is that everyone gets to speak their mind in a respectful fashion, and everyone is entitled to their day in court (even it it’s ‘just’ administrative court). That said, we thought we’d take a moment and share some of the resource available on the Bureau of Automotive Repair website at https://www.bar.ca.gov/. You may be aware of these, or maybe not.  But it’s useful to know what’s there –

A Wealth of Information from the Bureau of Automotive Repair

So there you go, there’s a wealth of information at the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Everything’s hunky-dory, right? Well, not exactly. As is so often true in a regulated industry, there’s what they “say” they do, and what they “actually” do. There’s what’s written in the laws and statutes that govern our industry, and there’s how they are actually applied. There’s you, on the one side, and the bureaucrats on the other. Sadly, often times employees in a government institution are judged and rewarded by having a pretty aggressive stance against the industry itself. It can be perceived as “us” against “them,” rather than a bunch of hard-working, tax-paying independent station operators and technicians just trying to make an honest living. So, if you’re having some issues with respect to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, yes – be sure to peruse their official information on the Website, but also, please reach out to an attorney for a free consultation.



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