Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm Defends SMOG stations in Troubled Waters

Getting a SMOG violation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair can be akin to a dolphin caught in a commercial fishing net. They don’t want the dolphin, but are too busy sorting through the fish to notice.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm

Photo credit: Loco Steve via Foter.com / CC BY

So as the BAR works through other STAR citations, your certified technicians could be languishing. They might not allow you to be able to SMOG check autos until the problem is resolved. All you can do is lay and wait.

So what’s next?

Time to go fishing for a professional SMOG check defense attorney. Or is it “Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm?” How about “STAR Citation Defense Attorney?” Is there a difference between a law firm, an attorney or a lawyer? Does it seem like there are an ocean of possibilities?

What’s important to remember is that you need an expert to defend you against the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. We are both defense attorneys and defense lawyers; to be specific, our law firm is called Automotive Defense Specialists. Lawyer, attorney, law firm – whatever you call us, we’re on your side in any dispute vis-a-vis California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair. It’s our specialty to clear the decks and take care of a SMOG check violation letter promptly. We understand the various approaches to STAR citation letters. Sometimes the BAR will cast a wide net and mail accusation to several SMOG check stations at one time. A series of undercover operations can take place in a small area and yield several possible SMOG violations. Once that BAR accusation letter is received, your STAR certification is at stake. An auto shop owner trying to manage a STAR citation alone could be like a fish out of water. Time will pass quickly and your SMOG check business is dead!

“Phishing” or Fishing? The BAR May Not Have a Case After All

We’ve seen it over and over again. An accusation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair doesn’t have enough real evidence on a SMOG station “violation.” A SMOG shop owner may not realize this because they are caught up trying to break free of the legal jargon thrown at them. We are attorneys skilled in the language of BAR citations. We can quickly figure out if they have a real case against you or not. We have noticed an uptick in activity regarding STAR violations and the result has been less STAR certified shops in California. Don’t allow a “phishing” expedition to ruin your livelihood.

Call us a Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm, call us STAR Citation defense attorneys. We don’t care, just call us. We’ll work hard to encourage the BAR to resolve your case quickly. Then you can get back in the water and the business of managing your SMOG check station!

Photo credit: Loco Steve via Foter.com / CC BY


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