Opinion vs. Facts: Bureau of Automotive Repair Disciplinary Actions and the Rule of Law

Back in the Wild West era when a criminal was on the loose, wanted posters littered towns and cities. There seemed to be no doubt that the person who was wanted by authorities was a bad guy. He robbed a bank or stole cattle or something western-outlaw-villain-like. Bureau of Automotive Repair Disciplinary ActionsAt least that’s the impression if you watch an old western flick. In real history, it was probably more complicated than that. Maybe a rancher had a a local competitor and accused him of stealing the cattle in order to get rid of the competition. You could say he had a “beef” with him (sorry, but we like bad puns too)! Or maybe some poor innocent soul looked similar to the stage coach robber in a picture and the local sheriff arrested him. Many accusations may have had more to do with opinion than fact. The same holds true today.

Social media has created an environment where anyone can be accused of anything based on very little evidence. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s miscommunication. Either way an innocent person is flagged as responsible for an offense they didn’t do. If BAR (California Bureau of Automotive Repair) officials are accusing your SMOG technicians and threatening disciplinary action, it’s important to remember this; innocent or not, nothing can legally happen until a case goes to the courtroom.

Bureau of Automotive Repair Disciplinary Actions: What to do when the Finger is Pointed at YOU

Face it, we live in an accusatory society. But remember, there’s the “Court of Public Opinion” and then there’s the “Court of Law.” A SMOG shop cannot be tried and convicted on any public forum no matter how intimidating it seems. For instance, the Bureau of Automotive Repair has a disciplinary actions page. Any SMOG shop or STAR certified technician can be listed on the page. This may seem to imply guilt, but it’s still a matter of perception. Check it out for yourself here; https://www.bar.ca.gov/Enforcement/Disciplinary_Actions.html.

Anyone listed on the Bureau of Automotive Repair disciplinary actions page may be confused. HOW can they be accused of something they didn’t do? As auto defense attorneys with a long history of supporting SMOG shops, we know there can be several reasons. Many of those reasons have nothing to do with guilt and everything to do with perception. Whether it’s a SMOG test violation letter or a STAR citation, the Bureau of Automotive Repair can’t confirm guilt. You are legally bound to have your day in court! Contact our auto defense legal team when the Bureau of Automotive Repair Disciplinary Guidelines are pointed at YOU.


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