Automotive Defense Specialists Announce New ‘Bureau of Automotive Repair Abogado’ Page to Reach Spanish-speaking Auto Technicians and SMOG Shop Owners

Santa Monica, California – October 30, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, an expert team of defense attorneys working for auto repair shops, SMOG stations, and technicians in California’s SMOG and auto repair industry, is proud to announce a new Spanish language page focused on “abogado” and “Bureau of Automotive Repair.” Bureau of Automotive Repair AbogadoThe page responds to the fact that English may be a second language for a SMOG shop owner or technician. The new page can help an auto repair shop, SMOG station, or participant in California’s STAR program to understand how to fight a Bureau of Automotive Repair letter on the new ‘Abogados en Defensa Contra “Bureau of Automotive Repair” de California‘ page.

“In California, we consider Spanish a second language. Even if a SMOG shop owner has learned English, it could still be difficult to read and understand the details of an accusation letter which is, of course, written in legalese,” explained attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists. “Our new page quickly translates important information in Spanish to better help the SMOG test community and advise them on the importance of seeking professional legal help.”

The new Auto Defense Attorney page is an outreach effort to the Spanish-speaking SMOG shop community. Interested persons can review the new Bureau of Automotive Repair Abogado page at: To read a similar page in English, visit


Here is the background for the release. Auto shops facing a violation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California may understand legal rights better in a native language. The new page for ‘Abogados en Defensa Contra ‘Bureau of Automotive Repair’ de California’ is a first step towards Spanish-friendly information.

English might be perceived as the ‘official language’ of the United States. Legal immigrants could learn English and use it daily for business, yet not be at the level to interpret “legalese.” Translating the written word from Spanish to English might require extra effort. Simple legal terms written in English could confuse an auto shop owner and waste time. It might be helpful to read details about a Bureau of Automotive Repair “Abogado” in a native language, first, before reaching out to a defense attorney. A SMOG shop owner may prefer to work with an “abogado” who is friendly to those for whom English is not their first language, especially when it comes to arcane legal terminology. The “Bureau of Automotive Repair abogado” page can quickly explain the first steps that should be taken. A hard-working auto shop owner who speaks Spanish could review details in a native language and begin to understand what he or she is up against. Bureau of Automotive Repair letters might include SMOG test violations, interim suspension orders, and STAR citations, among other hard-to-understand concepts. A top Bureau of Automotive Repair ‘Abogado’ can cross the cultural divide and defend an auto shop in court.

For these reasons, Auto Defense Specialists has released a new page written in Spanish.


Automotive Defense Specialists is a top law firm representing auto repair facilities, SMOG check stations, and technicians in every facet of their legal needs including Bureau of Automotive Repair letters, citations, and invalidations. The company offers phone consultations to auto shops, mechanics, technicians and others who are facing disciplinary actions from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

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