The Best Self Defense Tip: Use an Attorney Ready to Fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair

There’s nothing worse than getting caught-off guard in an attack. An attack could occur while you are walking back to your car in parking lot on a hot afternoon. Maybe you could be accosted outside a popular restaurant during a night out.Bureau of Automotive Repair Most people don’t realize how vulnerable they are until the moment presents itself. This is normal. That’s why self-defense courses are so popular. Self-defense has been practiced for centuries and is an extremely valuable skill. Not only is it important to be aware of your surroundings (put down that cell phone), but gaining the right mind-set to fight back is important too. There are several well-known self-defense styles including martial arts and kickboxing. choosing the right style is up to an individual.

As defense attorneys working to defend against the Bureau of Automotive Repair here in California, we know attacks are not just for physical assaults. We see auto shops getting beat up all time. No matter how well run a STAR certified SMOG shop is an accusation letter can come out of nowhere. A SMOG technician can be caught completely off-guard. They may not know how to respond before getting knocked down in court. If your SMOG shop has received a violation letter, your best self-defense plan is to contact an attorney to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair!

Wise Words from an Attorney to Fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair

Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and military strategist wrote the “Art of War” which is still read today. His teachings not only relate to physical defense, but have become popular business strategies as well. One of his many quotes regarding self-defense are;

Don’t depend on the enemy not coming, rather depend on being ready for him – Sun Tzu

If your auto shop has to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair, this can hit home. Many times a STAR certified technician can receive a letter of accusation from the BAR unaware. If an auto technician doesn’t know how to respond effectively, they could lose their business. Instead of turning into a victim of an accusation letter, get prepared before it can happen. Speak to an attorney who knows how to fight the Bureau of Automotive repair!

We agree with Sun Tzu’s belief that every battle is won before it is fought. Planning to receive a STAR violation letter from the BAR may be the best defense. So contact our legal team for a consultation and find out where you are in terms of the BAR at this moment. Then, when you receive a letter, we will be ready to respond. As attorneys who fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair regularly, we know each situation requires a specific plan in place. If an auto shop has received several STAR violations we know the right strategy to save a certification. If a highly-trained SMOG technician has been duped into servicing an undercover car, we have studied the most effective defense practices to save a shop from long-term harm. Sun Tzu has inspired people for centuries with wise words about war and defense. To prepare for an assault, contact an attorney to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair and we’ll help protect your SMOG certification!


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