Don’t get Schooled from the Bureau of Automotive Repair about Disciplinary Guidelines

Taking charge of a business is one of the main components of offering a great product. This simply requires acting like a grown up and being responsible for yourself. Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense AttorneyWe’ve seen how dedicated and accountable SMOG technicians are. Taking charge of their career and supporting their customers is like a badge of honor for many. If you’re used to “adulting” and managing your business, it can feel pretty strange when the Bureau of Automotive Repair sends a letter with a list of “Disciplinary Guidelines” you are accused of violating. A BAR accusation letter can come off like your a bad kid and need to be reprimanded.

It can feel like time travelling back to high school. You’ve been summoned by the principal’s office and may not know why. It’s obvious you’re not in charge and the real adults need to evaluate the behavior. Of course, this isn’t the case when dealing with a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation letter about disciplinary guidelines. You’re a grown-up with legal rights. Instead of looking for a parent to support your story, you need a top auto defense attorney!

Let Us help you Take Charge of Bureau of Automotive Repair Disciplinary Guidelines Accusations!

The truth is, the BAR can accuse your SMOG technicians of bad behavior, but they don’t get to make the final decision. You have a day in court! Here are a few things a SMOG shop owner needs to know before walking into the courtroom. Here are some factors directly from Bureau of Automotive Repair’s “Guidelines for Disciplinary Orders and Terms of Probation”;

Factors in Aggravation aka Things you’ve been disciplined for in the past

1. Prior warnings from the BAR.
Each warning should be addressed by an attorney so they don’t start stacking up.

2. Prior office conferences with the Bureau of Automotive Repair.
Keep our number handy so you don’t walk in to a BAR office alone!

3. Prior history of citations.
Let us check the citation to ensure it adheres to the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s disciplinary guidelines.

Factors in Mitigation aka Things they will consider when making a decision on your case

1. Evidence that respondent implemented BAR’s suggested resolution to a consumer complaint.
We know you did everything legally possible to help your customer and will prove it.

2. Absence of prior disciplinary action.
Our lawyers have had prior warnings dropped in court and helped keep a SMOG shop record clean!

3. Evidence that the violation was not part of a pattern or practice.
If an undercover car from the Bureau of Automotive Repair has triggered the action, we know the sneaky practices that set a highly trained SMOG tech up to fail.

Don’t allow the Bureau of Automotive Repair to play “principal” with disciplinary guidelines. Take charge and call our auto defense team!


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