Don’t Deal with a Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation at the 11th Hour!

Not all notices from the Bureau of Automotive Repair are the same. A first time violation letter might mean a quick appeal in court. Citations offer an opportunity to lower a fine if dealt with quickly. A STAR violation could just inform the shop a few points have lowered the overall score. Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm for the DefenseThe worst letter could come in the form of a Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation letter. That means time is short and losing a SMOG business can happen real fast.

SMOG testing invalidation letters are more troublesome than other types of letters because the BAR has already decided you’re going to court to LOSE a SMOG business. At least that is the position of the prosecuting team. There may still be time to turn things around, but it will take the support of a defense attorney skilled in Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation cases. These are not simple court appeal cases, and a lot is on the line if an auto shop owner chooses to ignore the time crunch.


Let’s consider the classic redemption tale “A Christmas Carol.” Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three spirits in one night to save his soul by morning. He has to look at his behavior from his past and present to understand what his future holds. At the beginning of the story, his soul is doomed. By the end, he learns to change his outlook which takes his future down a better path. If you’ve received a Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation letter, it may be time to try a little introspection with our help.

We are not implying that the situation is entirely your fault. Generally, by the time your shop receives a Bureau of Automotive Repair invalidation letter, prior warning signs were ignored. Maybe a tech forgot to forward a citation letter to your office. An appeal date from a previous violation could have passed without notice on the calendar. Either way, the clock is ticking. This moment could be the “last chance” to contact an attorney to save a SMOG business.

This situation doesn’t have to be dramatic, but without the right representation, it could become a tragic story. Remember, a Bureau of Automotive Repair Invalidation letter means it’s time to wake up and deal with it quickly. If you summon professional team of lawyers, there’s still time to change things for the better.


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