If You Run a SMOG shop, the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) is Not On Your Side

Whether you run a SMOG shop, or you are a technician, it is fair to say that the Bureau of Automotive Repair is not on your side. In fact, if anything, this government agency and their high-power lawyers may be against you. Hardly a day goes by without a SMOG shop owner or technician somewhere in the State receiving a letter, a citation, or an invalidation, and the worst thing that you could possibly do is to ignore these.

Automotive Repair STAR Program invalidation

Automotive Repair defense

In fact, you need to deal with them instantly if you are on the receiving end of one of these. You could lose your license if you don’t, and in many cases SMOG testing represents 60% to 70% of a shop’s business, which means that – quite simply – you would be out of business. Finished. Done.

Not only do you need to respond, you also need the services of a specialist Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney.

WHY do you need a Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney? It’s actually very simple. The Bureau of Automotive Repair has a team of attorneys of their own whose job is, quite simply, to “protect” the public by putting rogue shops out of business.

There Always Will Be A Few Rogue Shops

OK, it’s fair enough to say that there are, and always will be, a few rogue auto repair, SMOG, and STAR program shops that try to cut corners in order to make the extra buck, but that shouldn’t mean that honest businessmen should be hounded by the State government of California. Yet in today’s climate that is the way that it is. You should be innocent until proven guilty, but with the way that the law is, it seems to be more the other way around.

Take the FPR score, for instance. As a Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney, I get asked about this a lot. And I don’t have a clear-cut answer. Neither does the STAR help desk: they look like they have an answer, but they don’t because the BAR score algorithm for FPR is a secret that has not been disclosed.

They keep statistics on the failure rates of year, makes, and models of vehicles, and also your data. If it seems to them that your data does not add up, then you can be regarded as at fault, whether you actually are or not. Since they don’t tell you the figures that they use, how could you possibly know?

The upshot of all this is that you can be treading on very thin ice even if you do everything correctly, which is why you need my services if you need a defense against the BAR. Click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page, and let’s talk.


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