If Your STAR Status Is Threatened by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, You Have to Fight Them

Being part of the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s STAR program is a big deal. It means you’re the best of the best. Well done you!STAR program license revocation by California's Bureau of Automotive Repair

However, that doesn’t mean that you are exempt from inspections by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, because they will check you out like they do everybody else. And that includes all their undercover cars that they send out to check on every testing station, STAR rated or not.

Quite how the BAR decides who to check on and when is not clear. There can be many reasons, such as a vehicle which has failed at another tester is suddenly passed by yours. You have too many vehicles passing through. You have too few. You have a high rate of passes. Who knows?

The problem is that the Bureau of Automotive Repair is not there to help and support you in your business: quite the opposite. It exists for the prime purpose of looking after the safety of Californian citizens, and the way it does that is look for STAR and other SMOG shops and try to find reasons why they are not providing satisfactory results.

At Some Point They WILL Check You Out

Sure, you may have escaped their attention in the past, but at some point, they will check you out. Of that you can be sure. Even though you do everything to the best of your ability, the threat of your STAR program license revocation is always just around the corner.

Let’s be frank: if you suffer from STAR program license revocation, you are out of business. Period. Even if, somehow, you were able to carry on testing as an ordinary SMOG testing station, customers who may have been coming to you for years will drop you like a hot cake if they think that there is anything fishy going on. It doesn’t have to be true, of course, but word gets around very fast.

This is why, if you receive a letter or citations from the Bureau of Automotive Repair regarding a possible STAR program license revocation, you need help – and you need it fast!

You can’t dilly-dally when your livelihood is threatened – even if you KNOW you are in the right. The very existence of the BAR is to prove that you are in the wrong and close you down. That is what those people do.

At Automotive Defense Specialists we exist for the very opposite reason. Our whole purpose is to represent you in any case involving the BAR and prove, to a judge if necessary, that you are a legitimate business, despite all the tricks that the BAR uses to try and prove otherwise.

If you receive any sort of communication from the BAR, do NOT hesitate. Contact us straight away. Your business is at stake.


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