Tag: STAR Scores

California entrepreneurs face many challenges when launching a new small business. Permits, regulations, taxes, staff, marketing, inventory, and property leases exist. When the doors first open, it can take time to pay off debt and grow into a profitable shop. Everything can intensify the problems facing small smog testing and repair shops in California.

Los Angeles, California – May 28, 2020. Automotive Defense Specialists, a legal team of highly-trained defense attorneys representing SMOG shops, station owners, and technicians in the auto repair industry is proud to announce an update to their page on so-called STAR invalidations.

Santa Monica, California – March 22, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, a law firm of defense attorneys working against the Bureau of Automotive Repair and in favor of SMOG and STAR station owners in California, is proud to announce a new blog post. The post focuses on the important, though nuanced, issue of tone.

November 29, 2016 – Santa Monica, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, a California law firm of attorneys defending against Bureau of Automotive Repair citations, accusations, and letters is proud to announce a new blog post offering information on how to check STAR program scores. Station owners and technicians may be befuddled by the Bureau of Automotive Repair […]


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