Running a SMOG Station in CA Can Be a Problem If You Fall Foul of the Bar

SMOG continues to be a major problem in California. Owing to lots of cars, and the nature of our environment, we’re susceptible to SMOG, especially in the LA basin. You, as a station owner, SMOG tech, or someone else in the SMOG industry should be PROUD. The problem of SMOG in California.You’re working hard to SMOG check vehicles and keep our air clean. You might not get the respect you deserve from the state bureaucracy or the public, but we commend you!  You’re the reason that air quality is generally better than ever here in California.

If you take a look at Wikipedia, there is a fairly lengthy article about SMOG, and – among a few other cities, such as London and Delhi – it mentions Los Angeles as suffering from the problem more than many other places. Of course, it is not restricted to Los Angeles – you can get SMOG anywhere. For those not in the know, SMOG is a combination of letters from the words “smoke” and “fog”. Two major causes are vehicle emissions and the burning of coal.

Quite rightly, the State is doing everything it can to help reduce SMOG in California, which is why today we have the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

However, it is precisely because of the existence of the Bureau of Automotive Repair that you, as a SMOG station owner, can find yourself fighting to save your business. The BAR spends a lot of time checking on SMOG stations, and if it finds anything which rings a bell with it, takes many different courses of action.

The Worst Thing Is that You Won’t Know You Are Being Investigated

There can be many things which prompt the Board of Automotive Repair to investigate your business, and the worst thing about it is that you won’t know they are doing it. It could be you have a low failure rate, low visual failures, a high car count, cars passing at your station shortly after leaving another one where they failed, you own more than one station, or even that they just don’t like you.

In order to help reduce SMOG in California, the BAR is allowed to take some courses of action which most people would consider underhand. For instance, it can send undercover vehicles to your station for you to check, which appear in the face of it to be perfectly normal vehicles. Unfortunately, these are doctored in a variety of ways for the sole purpose of trying to trap you. Worse still, in the endeavor to reduce SMOG in California, most judges take the view that this is legitimate.

The simple fact is that, if you ever receive a citation from the BAR, you can be in serious trouble, even if you are completely innocent. If this should happen to you, call us at Automotive Defense Specialists immediately. Our name is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it? That is what we do. We help SMOG stations who have been threatened by the BAR, and in most cases we win.

Don’t take any risks: contact us immediately.


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