Keeping Everybody Happy Is a Difficult Task for an Auto Repair or SMOG Technician

California has an unusual climate. The cold fog comes in from the Pacific and hits the warmer desert air, especially in the Los Angeles basin. SMOG shop lawyer in CaliforniaIt’s perfect conditions for SMOG, and thus California has many SMOG regulations. At Automotive Defense Specialists, we know. Our law team represents SMOG shops and auto repair technicians as they heroically work to keep California’s air clean.

Being an auto repair technician can be a thankless task on occasions. On the one hand you have angry customers whose vehicles you fail in their SMOG test, and on the other you have California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair which comes knocking on your door if you don’t fail ENOUGH vehicles in their considered opinion.

Not only do we have SMOG and fog in California, but there is the Bureau of Automotive Repair which is forever trying to find fault with what it is that you do. Part of the problem is that they use algorithms to try to “prove” to themselves that the percentage of vehicles that you are failing is not high enough or that the percentage that you are passing is too high. Worse still, nobody has the faintest idea what the “right” percentage should be in their opinion.

They Will Do Everything They Can To Catch You Out

What we do know, however, is that if the Bureau of Automotive Repair considers that you may be at fault, they will do everything in their power to catch you out. That includes sending out undercover vehicles with a very minor fault that is very difficult to locate so that they can “prove” that you are not doing your job correctly and should therefore no longer be allowed to carry out SMOG testing. SMOG and fog in California, and the Bureau of Automotive Repair as well! Who would be an auto repair technician??!!

The fact remains that, if you are in receipt of any contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need to talk to our William Ferreira as a matter of top priority. If you try to fight the BAR on your own, they will run rings around you. Whether you are right or whether you are wrong has no bearing on the matter at this stage. You absolutely MUST fight them, but you cannot do it alone. They have expert and very expensive lawyers working for them who have one sole mission and that is to prove that you are wrong. If you try to fight them alone, they will take you to the proverbial “cleaners”.

William Ferreira is not responsible for all the SMOG and fog in California, but what he does know is how to deal with the BAR on your behalf. After all, he has been doing nothing else for the last ten years, so you won’t find another attorney in California with the amount of experience – and more importantly huge number of successes – when fighting the BAR on behalf of SMOG stations.


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