If You Face a Denial of Your Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG / STAR License, You Need a Specialist Attorney

As the owner of an auto repair shop or as a technician you may well think that your license is in “good standing”. However, it might not be. A denial of license from the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) is seriousThe Bureau of Automotive Repair can revoke your license. If you find yourself facing a Bureau of Automotive Repair denial of license you need to hot foot it to see William Ferreira who is a specialist in the business of defending auto shop owners and technicians against the BAR.

The one thing you should not do is to try to fight the BAR on your own. They will almost certainly win and then you have to appeal, and they will no doubt win again. You need someone standing in your corner who knows how to fight a Bureau of Automotive Repair denial of license. What that means is that you need someone who is not only a highly qualified attorney but who also understands the technical aspects of – well – being an auto technician or repair shop owner.

Each To His Own

It is rather a question of “each to his own”. If you needed brain surgery, you wouldn’t go to see your local doctor. You would go find a brain surgeon. If you need your home rewired, you would look for a highly qualified electrician, not just a general builder. It is the same with the law. Yes, there are lots of highly qualified lawyers, but you don’t want one who specializes in divorce or libel cases: you need one who has the knowledge of how to deal with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and in this case that would be attorney William Ferreira.

He spends all his working life handling cases on behalf of SMOG station owners, repair shops, and technicians, and has done so for the last ten years. He does nothing else, so he understands the way that the Bureau of Automotive Repair works and the way that they think.

Better still, before taking up law, he was himself an auto repair technician, so he has a total grasp of all the technicalities involved which wouldn’t mean a thing to the man in the street. Or even a libel case lawyer for that matter.

When you are facing a Bureau of Automotive Repair denial of license you need someone who understands everything there is to know about the BAR, not a highly qualified lawyer in another area who would then have to learn all the technical stuff before he could begin to help you.

So if you are having any sort of issues with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, contact William Ferreira on [email protected] or text him direct on (415) 412-0472.


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