In the Auto Repair Trade You Have the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair). But They Are Not Always Right

When you work in the auto repair business in California, whether you are a business owner or a technician, you have a Bureau of Automotive Repair license. In fact, you cannot work or run your business without one. What that means is that if your Bureau of Automotive Repair license is threatened for any reason whatsoever, you have to immediately take all possible steps to defend it.The Bureau of Automotive Repair is not always right in what it says

Very often, a threat to your license comes from the Bureau of Automotive Repair itself! This is because, while approving you to be licensed, the Bureau can also take your license away if it believes that you have not followed all the rules and regulations or that you have done something wrong.

Doing something wrong as far as the BAR is concerned can be almost anything. You may be doing everything correctly and following the rules at all times, which is what the vast majority of people do, and yet for one reason or another the Bureau of Automotive Repair thinks that you have not.

Undercover Cars With A Fault That Is Hard To Spot

Furthermore, they will go to extraordinary lengths to try to prove that you are not following the rules. It seems astonishing, but they actually send out undercover cars that have a fault that is very difficult to detect, and if you fail to detect it, they will attempt to remove your license and prevent you from trading.

However, if your Bureau of Automotive Repair license is threatened for any reason whatsoever, you still have legal rights. You can defend any action that is brought against you by the Bureau – but you should never try to fight them on your own. It is far, far too risky, because they have lawyers working for them whose job is to put you out of business if the BAR thinks that you are in the wrong. You may not be in the wrong, but if the BAR thinks that you are, then it will take whatever steps it can to close you down.

This is why you may need an attorney who defends auto repair shops and SMOG technicians on your side to take up the cudgels and fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your behalf. And you can do no better than attorney William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists. He spends his whole working life fighting the Bureau of Automotive Repair on behalf of SMOG shop owners and technicians.

Not only that, but before he decided to change course and train as a lawyer, he worked in the auto repair shop business himself. So, he knows not just the law, but every aspect of the technicalities of auto repair. You couldn’t have a better man to help you.


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