Giving Sidekicks their Due at a Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm

Every hero has a sidekick. You can call them buddies, amigos, cohorts, assistants, colleagues, or associates. Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson, Batman had Robin, and Han Solo had Chewbacca. Sidekicks aren’t necessary there for comic relief or a “side story.” Bureau of Automotive Repair DEFENSE attorneyThey can be real partners, managing the details in the background so the hero can stay focused on the task at hand. Notice how Chewbacca always shows up with the Millennium Falcon when Han needs it after saving the day? A sidekick has the hero’s back.

We want to pay respect to the best sidekicks a Bureau of Automotive Repair defense law firm can have: our paralegals. When our defense attorneys are preparing to fight a SMOG accusation in court, helping an honest, hard-working SMOG check or STAR program technician on how to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it’s the paralegal who’s juggling details in the background. You might get a friendly phone call from one of our paralegals to manage an issue for us. They are always ready to greet you at the office while we are fighting for our clients in court. Our talented and professional legal assistants never let us down when we need them the most!

Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm Teams up to Save Auto Techs from BAR Accusations

As auto defense lawyers we love our job, but we can’t do it all. The amount of cases our Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm has to review whether it’s an undercover car or a STAR rating dispute requires teamwork. Researching every critical detail to win a case can be time-consuming. Our hardworking paralegals handle the moving parts in the background so we can save the day in the courtroom. They perform a variety of tasks such as preparing documents, managing a calendar and reminding clients of court dates. Plus the day to day problem of “herding legal cats” and making sure we are up-to-date on every vital issue!

If you’ve been unlucky enough to receive an accusation letter, you understand the stress of trying to meet BAR deadlines and demands. Our Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm team is used to the pressure the BAR puts on SMOG technicians. If a response is late or a court date ignored, it could mean significant fines or even losing SMOG repair status. Our expert paralegal team will work hard to keep you on a prompt schedule with all the paperwork in order. While our Bureau of Automotive Repair law firm attorneys are in court saving the day, our paralegals are the heroic taskmasters who have our backs!


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