Accused Due to a Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Car? Time for a Specialist

Have you ever had that moment when a little voice in the back of your head told you something was wrong, but you brushed it off? Only to find out later that gut feeling was right? We hear this a lot from our clients. Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover carsThey were having a busy day smog testing when one of the cars didn’t seem quite “right.” They couldn’t quite figure out what the problem was, but the car tested fine, so they let it go and went on to the next one. Later, a citation letter arrives and surprise, they serviced one of the Bureau of Automotive Repairs undercover cars!

If this happened to you, please don’t feel foolish. These are classic strategies designed to catch smog testing technicians doing something “wrong.” The Bureau of Automotive Repair sends out undercover cars with all kinds of nasty tricks under the hood. They’ve gotten quite good at it. You could say they are “experts.” Why do we know so much about these cases? Because we specialize in fighting these cases when you need us.


The legal industry can be like the medical industry. Some like Family Practice or Internal Medicine physicians usually have a general knowledge of many medical issue. This type of doctor could have an in-depth understanding of some diseases like diabetes or heart disease. They might not have a strong background in respiratory illnesses. If a patient has a specific lung problem, they need a specialist. In the legal arena, lawyers can handle a variety of cases like bankruptcy, divorce and BAR issues. They may be good, but not specialized in any particular practice.

If you’ve received an accusation letter for the Bureau of Automotive Repair because of an undercover car, this is a unique problem. Losing a smog testing business is in the balance. Fighting the Bureau of Automotive Repair is all we do. Our legal team specializes in accusations for STAR violations, smog testing, and criminal cases. We know how savvy BAR attorneys are and what they will do to win in court. We know the BAR has a quote to meet and it’s their job to “find” technicians they can cite. It’s our job to focus on defending smog technicians and auto shops!


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