Something Appealing is Nice, but Appealing a BAR Citation isn’t!

Something that appeals to you, or “seems appealing” is something that you would like. Then there is the other sort of appealing, like appealing to the Supreme Court, for instance. That is no fun at all because it means that you have been found guilty of something and now you have to appeal against that decision.Appealing a BAR Citation (Bureau of Automotive Repair)

Unfortunately, with technicians and SMOG shops, they receive a Citation from the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair, California) and try to deal with it themselves. Later on, they realize that they have got a real problem on their hands, and it is then, and only then, that they decide it is time to obtain the services of an attorney for help with appealing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair keep themselves very busy. For instance, just in June 2019 they issued around 140 disciplinary actions and filed around 110 accusations. As is well-known the BAR also uses undercover vehicles. These are usually missing a component, may have an unapproved part, or may have a part that has been deliberately rendered non-functional.

Every Case at California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair Is Different

Part of the problem is that every single case is different for one reason or another, and each requires the attention of an attorney who has the knowledge to help with appealing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision. This is why it is not such a good idea to use just any attorney: you need one that understands all the ins and outs of the law.

Better still, you need Automotive Defense Specialists. This is because we do nothing other than fight BAR cases on behalf of technicians and SMOG testing stations who have somehow found themselves on the wrong side of the BAR. Even better, is that our attorney, William Ferreira, is a trained mechanic and, before he trained to be a lawyer, was brought up in the automotive repair business. He has carried out virtually every sort of automotive repair work that there is.

This means that he is fully conversant with all of the technical side of these cases. Not only does he fully understand it, but he can also explain it in words that a judge will understand. The result is that when appealing a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision our firm has an exemplary record of success. Our mission statement is that we only know one way of doing things here, and that is doing them the right way: we either do it right, or we don’t do it at all.

So if you want the finest representation possible when fighting a Bureau of Automotive Repair case, talk to Automotive Defense Specialists.


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