If You Receive an Action from The BAR You Must Fight It

Being a SMOG technician in California is not the easiest job in the world. There are so many things that you have to do, and so many rules and regulations, that it is easy to overlook something, quite unintentionally of course.Fight an action from the BAR, the Bureau of Automotive Repair But unfortunately, you have the Bureau of Automotive Repair looking over your shoulder all the time as well, and it seems to go out of its’ way to try and find any reason that it can do to shut you down.

If you receive an action from the BAR – any action – there is only one thing to do: you absolutely MUST dispute action by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Whatever they may say, and whatever they may do, you have to remember that they are not on your side. They are your enemy.

It is fairly well known that the Bureau of Automotive Repair goes out of it’s way to try and trap SMOG technicians. They use undercover vehicles that perhaps have a part that is not the right standard or a part that has been deliberately altered, just to see if they can catch you out. It’s what they do: they regard it as their job to catch you out. So if you receive a citation you must dispute action by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. They’re job is to “catch” you in some “mistake.” Your job is to preserve your job and your auto repair shop, SMOG station, or STAR program participating station. You have rights, and you MUST act to protect them to the fullest extent of the law.

You Need A Lawyer Who Disputes the Bureau of Automotive Repair Day in and Day out

This is why you need a lawyer who understands what the BAR is all about – a specialist lawyer. Our defense attorney is William Ferreira and he has actually been an automotive technician. He has done it all – engine rebuilds, R & R work, welding roll cages, diagnosing computerized vehicles – and he knows how it all works. This was before he trained to become a lawyer, and today he does nothing but Bureau of Automotive Repair cases. If you want a divorce, don’t talk to William Ferreira because he doesn’t do divorce work. But if you need to dispute action by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, he’s your man.

He has handled at least 2,500 cases, and won most of them, including 100 or more criminal cases. With offices in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, we can handle cases involving the BAR anywhere in the State.

If you receive any sort of action from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, do NOT leave it, or sweep it under the carpet in the hope that it will go away. It won’t. You need to make an appointment to talk to us right away. Every single action from the BAR is different, and it needs handling by a specialist – someone who can thwart them at their own game. That man is William Ferreira.


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