Received a Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation? You May Have Rights in an Appeal

A citation isn’t anything more than an allegation by the government. It might be true. It might be false. It might be – who the heck knows? You need specialist help if you are threatened by the BARBut you have rights, and you need to defend them if you’ve received a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation.

Now some SMOG station and STAR station owners believe that “it’s only a citation” and that they can deal with it on their own. Unfortunately, this is not a very good idea, because the BAR has highly-paid lawyers whose job is to get the result that they want. And the result that the Bureau of Automotive Repair wants is the one that proves that they were right, and you were wrong, and that, therefore, your business should be closed down. You are not fit for purpose. It’s that serious. Even if you are fit for purpose and have been tricked by California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair.

That Is Exactly What Can Happen

Yes, that is exactly what can happen, as quite a number of people have found out to their own cost. Certainly, everyone – most SMOG station operators included – believes that the air that we breathe should be as clean and free from pollutants as possible. That’s a given. However, the BAR is staffed by people who believe that they are licensed to do anything at all in order to achieve that end, even if it means sending an undercover car to your station in order to try and fool you or one of your staff into making a mistake.

It could be a genuine mistake. There could be a wrong reading for a number of different reasons. What the BAR wants is to prove that you did something wrong. And the first thing that you know about it is when you receive a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation.

This is when you need the help of Automotive Defense Specialists. It’s what our attorneys do. If you stop to think about it, if there were not so many BAR citations being served, with the BAR setting out to close automotive businesses down, our attorneys would simply not be here. There wouldn’t be enough work for us to do.

As things stand, there are so many cases that, in order to pay full attention to each and every client, we actually have to limit the number of new cases that we can take on each month! Imagine that: a business that has to limit how many customers it can handle!

Yet that is the case, and it should serve to tell you everything you need to know. So if you receive a Bureau of Automotive Repair citation, don’t hesitate. Call us at once.


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