Don’t Try to Fight a BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) Decision on Your Own: It’s Not Worth It

If you are a SMOG technician or station owner and you receive a decision from the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair), it is not a good idea to try and fight it on your own.Don’t try to fight the BAR on your own (Bureau of Automotive Repair)

Yes, of course, when you consider how to appeal Bureau of Automotive Repair decisions, one way is to do a lot of research and then DIY – Do It Yourself. Another way is to research, find, and then hire a great defense attorney with a track record of successfully beating the BAR at their own game.

Which one do you think will work best?

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? And yet almost every day we hear of another SMOG station that has been put out of business by the BAR where the owner or technicians tried to fight the BAR on their own. It is very sad, but it happens.

Let’s face it: when you have the BAR out gunning for you, their sole aim is not to smack you over the wrist and tell you that you have been a naughty boy and not to do it again. Their aim is to close you down. Period.

And yet, some people still try to fight the BAR on their own. It is rather the same as the way that, in the past, someone with toothache would tie a piece of string around the tooth, tie the other end around a door handle, and then slam the door shut! For all we know, that probably still happens.

You Wouldn’t Try To Re-Wire Your Own Home; Don’t Try to Defend Yourself, Either

If your home needed re-wiring, you wouldn’t try to do it yourself: you would hire an experienced electrician. Certainly, the electrician will charge you for doing the work, but at least you know it will be done properly.

And yet, when thinking of how to appeal Bureau of Automotive Repair decisions, some people still think that arguing with them will win them over. It won’t.

If you really want to know how to appeal to the Bureau of Automotive Repair decisions, the only answer is to hire an attorney who is a specialist in fighting them. At Automotive Defense Specialists that is what we do. If you think about it, our name is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it? An electrician specializes in electrical repairs and installations. We specialize in fighting the BAR. Better still, we specialize in winning the fights!

We have years of experience fighting the BAR under our belts and winning the battles. If you have to appeal a Bureau of Automotive Repair decision, you need to have us on your side.


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