As a SMOG Station Owner, If You Receive a STAR Citation You Have Rights

If a government employee tells you to do something, do you have any rights? Well, under the present circumstances, we might not be so sure. But leaving Coronavirus aside, you might realize that you DO have rights. To the best of our knowledge, they have NOT suspended the constitution in California. At least, not yet.You have rights if you receive a BAR citation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair

That means that if you have a Bureau of Automotive Repair dispute you can actually dispute it. However, this is where you hit an immediate problem. How do you go about doing that? Sending them an email saying that you don’t agree with their findings because of this/that/the other is really not going to get you very far. They will run rings around you.

What many people in the SMOG business fail to understand in a Bureau of Automotive Repair dispute is that the BAR is there with one aim, and one aim only. That is to close you down. As far as they are concerned, you have done wrong, and the way to handle that is to put you out of business so that you can never do it again. That is the case even if you haven’t done wrong!

This Is Serious: the Bureau of Automotive Repair can Take Your License

This is serious stuff. If you lose your business, you have no income. None. And yet, we see people who are in the SMOG industry trying to deal with a BAR dispute entirely on their own. Sure, it saves the cost of hiring a lawyer, but if you lose your business you have lost everything.

What is more, you don’t want to hire just any lawyer. In the legal profession, we have people who specialize in certain areas, just as in the medical profession there are specialists. So, for instance, if you had a brain injury, you wouldn’t want it attended to by an orthopedic dentist: you would want a brain surgeon.

When it comes to fighting a Bureau of Automotive Repair dispute, you need us at Automotive Defense Specialists – our name rather tells you our defense attorneys do. In fact, that is all we do. If you want a divorce, we’re sorry but we don’t handle those. We leave that to divorce attorneys, and they leave the BAR to us!

We have ten years of experience in tackling – and winning – cases against the BAR. Furthermore, our lead attorney, William Ferreira, started out in life in the automotive business and has hands-on experience as a technician undertaking complete engine rebuilds, R & R work, welding roll cages, diagnosing modern computerized vehicles, and more. You name it, he has pretty much done it, so he has the technical experience and the legal expertise to go with it. With the two combined, he is super-qualified to take on the BAR, whatever the issue.


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