If You Receive an Accusation From the Bureau of Automotive Repair, You Need to Fight It

Official “accusations” by the Bureau of Automotive Repair are a matter of public record. You can search for them. However, if you should happen to be the target of an accusation, you still have rights. But you should bear one thing in mind, and that is that trying to handle an accusation by the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your own could land you in very hot water.You need a specialist attorney to fight the BAR

Look at it this way: whether you are an auto technician or a SMOG or repair shop owner, the Bureau of Automotive Repair can put you out of business. If you own a business you are probably also a qualified auto technician, having worked your way up through the ranks, so to speak, to the point where you set up your own workshop. All of which is to be applauded. You may not even do any day to day repair work yourself, rather, employing others to do that, so if there is an error it was not you who created it.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you are personally at fault or not if the Bureau of Automotive Repair fully believes that you or someone you employ is at fault. From their point of view, the way forward is to close you down.

Now the Bureau of Automotive Repair exists to protect the population of California from the worst effects of emissions and smog, and that is actually something that we should all stand up for. However, it goes to extreme extents in order to find and eliminate people and businesses that it considers are breaking the law, to the point that it sends out undercover cars in the hope that they will fool you, or your employee, into making an error. Sad, but true.

You Need Proper Professional Help to Fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair

This is why, if you receive an accusation by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it is critical that you get proper professional help. The BAR employs expensive lawyers whose job is one thing and one thing only: to prove that the BAR is right! They don’t actually care whether the BAR is right or not because their job is only to prove the point.

And that is the reason that Automotive Defense Specialists exists. We are here to prove them wrong! We are on your side, and we know exactly the sort of mistakes that can result in an accusation by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and we know how to handle them.

Furthermore, our attorney, William Ferreira, is not only an expert in fighting the BAR, having been doing nothing else in his ten years as a qualified lawyer, but he also began his working life as an auto technician! The result is that he knows the law as it relates to the BAR both from the legal point of view and the technical side.

You could not possibly have anyone better in your corner when it comes to fighting the Bureau of Automotive Repair!


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