An Auto Technician’s Job Is By No Means an Easy One

The job of an auto technician in California is by no means straightforward and easy. To begin with, the actual work is hot and dirty, to say the least. You get covered in oil and dirt when dealing with the customers’ vehicles.An auto technician’s job isn’t easy

Then there are the customers themselves. They can be very picky and sometimes downright rude. This is especially true if you have just failed their vehicle for a SMOG check.

Then on top of that, an auto repair technician or SMOG shop owner always has the fear of the Bureau of Automotive Repair breathing down their necks in California. It seems to go out of its’ way trying to make life difficult for you. There may be times when you wonder if it is all really worth it, and it might just be better to go work in McDonalds tossing burgers. Sure, the money isn’t great, but at least you don’t have all the other stuff to contend with.

With that said, at least as an auto repair shop owner or technician, the money is good. But you still never know when you are going to hear from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The thing is that, if you do, you can be in serious trouble if you don’t get it sorted out ASAP.

Now there is an unfortunate side to this, and it is that many auto technicians or repair shop owners take the view that, when they have contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, they know that they have done nothing wrong and that if they explain the circumstances to the BAR everything will get sorted out.

If Only!

If Only it Were That simple!

As an auto technician defense attorney, the job of William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists simply wouldn’t exist. As it happens, he has a queue of clients coming to see him non-stop because they realize that, having heard from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, they cannot deal with it themselves, and they need the services of a specialist auto technician defense attorney who knows how to handle the BAR.

In one way it is a sad state of affairs that we have a state regulatory body in California that seems intent on closing down every auto repair shop that it can, but unfortunately that is the way that it is.

The short answer is that, as an auto technician, if you receive a citation or accusation from the Bureau of Automotive repair, you really do need the services of an auto technician defense attorney because you simply cannot get it right if you try to deal with it on the basis that you know you have done nothing wrong. As far as the BAR is concerned, they think that you have, and they will pursue you to the end otherwise.


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