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Who doesn't love a good "Bigfoot" story in California? People are still fascinated with the idea of a man-creature hybrid wandering about the Northern Forests. You'd think with the invention of smartphones and drones we'd have some great footage by now. Sure, it's fun to imagine, but in reality, the sources of the stories are [...]
March 25, 2019 - Santa Monica, California. Automotive Defense Specialists, led by attorney William Ferreira and focused on defending smog or STAR Program station owners and technicians against the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce an innovative blog post for the lay public on citations by the Bureau. Citations can be quite [...]
This summer we have learned that having a good defense plan is vital to surviving the threat of a raging fire. It’s never guaranteed that a house will survive, but preparedness did help many a California family from losing precious lives and keepsakes. Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Foter.com / CC BY Although it may be [...]
Santa Monica, California - June 30, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, professional lawyers serving auto technicians, STAR Program participants, and SMOG stations against the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce a new blog post. Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Foter.com / CC BY The law firm receives a fair amount of confusion as many [...]
Sometimes working in the auto repair and SMOG business can be a bit stressful. You’ve got anxious customers to keep calm. There are unexpected emergencies like a tow truck driver pulling up to the shop with a long-term customer’s “baby” at 4pm. Maybe it’s the day a trusted auto repair tech is bedridden due to [...]
You’ve probably hear the idiom “The Devil is in the Details.” It’s normally used as a cautionary saying warning others to pay attention to small things that can cause havoc if they go unnoticed. Photo credit: Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view via Foter.com / CC BY We think this perfectly describes [...]