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Not all notices from the Bureau of Automotive Repair are the same. A first time violation letter might mean a quick appeal in court. Citations offer an opportunity to lower a fine if dealt with quickly. A STAR violation could just inform the shop a few points have lowered the overall score.

As the color weather also brings thoughts of holiday celebrations, our minds wander to what will be at the table. Consider a fall-off-the-bone roasted turkey with savory gravy. How about sweet, tart cranberry sauce smothered on warm buttered bread rolls?

Santa Monica, California – July 30, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, a leading California law firm with defense attorneys working to support SMOG check stations, technicians, and participants in the STAR program against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce new blog posts for summer, 2018.

Santa Monica, California – June 30, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, professional lawyers serving auto technicians, STAR Program participants, and SMOG stations against the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce a new blog post.

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Whether it’s a street performer “levitating” off the curb or the classic “disappearing coin,” it always leaves us scratching our heads. Even if we know how the trick is done, a master magician can still make us wonder how they made it look so easy.