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Santa Monica, CA – October 27, 2015. Automotive Defense Specialists, a California law firm specializing in Bureau of Automotive Repair issues, is proud to announce a new list of BAR STAR Program information. BAR, of course, stands for the Bureau of Automotive Repair and the STAR program is their latest SMOG-related regulatory system in California.

We’re experts at everything to do with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Most of our incoming calls are from SMOG stations, SMOG techs, or STAR Program stations who have received a letter, a citation, and/or an accusation from the BAR. They’re confounded, often angry – a) what have the done wrong, if anything, b) how […]

Many people look forward to the mail. Your grandparents or great grandparents, for example, probably lived a lot of their lives before this age of email, iPhones and SnapChat. They might have eagerly awaited the daily mail, for letters from loved ones, the Saturday Evening Post, postcards from people on fun trips, and other items […]