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Have you seen the show “Undercover Boss?” Corporate leaders disguised as new employees go “undercover” to check how their company is running when they aren’t around. They want to know if employees are properly trained and if managers are following the corporate mission statement. On the show, if a frontline employee goes out of their [...]
Recently, the movie "Ghost Busters" came out, and with an all female cast, the remake spurred a lot of controversy (at least on the Internet). For anyone who remember the original, the song "Who You Gonna Call," certainly could "get in one's head." "Who you gonna call: GHOSTBUSTERS." Everyone enjoys a good movie, and during [...]
Ice cream. Let's talk about Ice Cream! Well, what we mean is, let's talk about ice cream with respect to how important it is to not only work with an attorney if you're having a dispute with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, but to do your homework when selecting that attorney, up to and including [...]