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Many times in a case, whether it be a Bureau of Automotive Repair Accusation or a Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation, there are some cases I advise clients to use an expert witness, specifically  a Bureau of Automotive Repair Expert. The reason?

The ‘similar vehicle failure rate’ by the Bureau of Automotive Repair has potential problems. Blog post by attorney expert William Ferreira. Many people land on our website, or inquire about our BAR defense attorney services, when they are confused about various technical issues that have caused them to be issued a ‘STAR Certification’ invalidation notice.

Automotive Defense Specialists, a top California law firm specializing in Bureau of Automotive defense STAR Smog certificate invalidation cases, continues to win successes for auto repair shops and technicians. The firm specializes in defending technicians and small business owners against alleged STAR and Smog check program violations.